Jennifer is the…

Jennifer is the Parent to Parent Coordinator. She has worked with Parent to Parent for 20 years. Prior to that she worked with the Parent outreach program at the Guild School in Spokane Washington. Jennifer is the parent of 2 children. Her oldest is her 24 year old daughter who loves to read, ride horses, eat pie and play with/train dogs. She had an oxygen loss at birth and as a result has Cerebral Palsy and a corticle vision impairment. She was diagnosed at 14 with bipolar disorder, despite her limiting conditions Rachel is a fun loving person who attends college, works part time and loves to go out with friends and have fun.
Jennifers youngest son is 15 he, loves computers, dogs, starwars, legos and baseball and golf. He has struggled with symptoms of ADHD and severe asthma. He and his parents have chosen to use behavior modification techniques to overcome his adhd symptoms as the medications used to combat the disorder tend to make him have tics which are not fun! Jennifer’s best friend and best help in this crazy life with her wonderful kids is her husband Chris. Jennifer, Chris, and their kids love to camp, play golf, and have family movie nights.
Christi Dieringer is the outreach coordinator for Parent to Parent She and her husband Mark own a local dairy farm. Her oldest Ali is typically developing and loves soccer, snowboarding and working with her dad on their dairy farm. She is also a big help to her mom in raising her little sister Ashley. Ashley was born with a mitochondria disorder which has caused her to have global delays. Ashley is however a happy, hardworking young lady who can always make you smile. She loves horses, her sister, her Grandma Dot and playing with friends.

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